Autism — what we know (and what we don't know yet) | Wendy Chung

Autism — what we know (and what we don't know yet) | Wendy Chung

Autism — what we know (and what we don't know yet) | Wendy Chung

In this calm and factual talk, geneticist Wendy Chung shares what we know about autism spectrum disorder — for example, that autism has multiple, perhaps interlocking, causes. Looking beyond the worry and concern that can surround a diagnosis, Chung and her team look at what we’ve learned through studies, treatments and careful listening.

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  1. Good day to you all I want to testify about a herbal doctor called Dr Afrid he help me. My daughter was 2years autism and I was so confused and I don't know what to do so I tell my friend about it and she direct me to Dr Afrid so I contacted him and he told me everything I need to know and he send me some herbal medicine which I use for my daughter and now she is okay thank you Dr.Afrid and God bless you.
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  2. Hi, I'm 24, AFAB, and was diagnosed this year. I really enjoyed the first part of this when talking about causes and genetics- it was informative and I liked the point about how the range of genes that can cause autism could be why it's such a spectrum of traits. However I think the end could have benefited from discussions with autistic adults who have had to live in a neurotypical world for some time. The "interventions" that Dr. Chung mentioned are certainly helpful for diagnosing a child early but I really wanted the emphasis to be on how that can help the child identify their differences without learning how to erase them to fit into the world. I spent my whole life up to my diagnosis trying to change myself to feel like I wasn't broken or wrong and now that I understand that as "masking," I want children to know that they don't have to fit into our conception of normal to be a functional and valuable person. Acting autistic, meaning having a so-called deficit in social skills, is not a catastrophic outcome. We constantly have to "fix" ourselves to make other people comfortable, but I feel strongly that neurotypicals need to meet us in the middle and change the way they interact with autistic individuals. For example, is it so important that we make eye contact? I feel I'm able to make meaningful social connections without doing something that causes me distress. Also, drugs can certainly help for those with other severe conditions like OCD, depression, and anxiety, but I don't want people to think that we can medicate the autism away. It makes us unique and that should be celebrated and accepted by society in general. Anyway thanks for coming to my ted talk lol

  3. I understand she is being an advocate for autism and I hope she continues to do so but I'm going to step on my pedestal here and say her use of language saying autism is a defect or disorder is completely wrong.
    Autistic people aren't defective or wrong, they're just different. It's not something to be cured , it's something to be celebrated!

  4. They must think we are dumb as a rock. If thats the case then the research of history in science concerning genetics has to be all redone .

  5. There fucking liars more scientist have said it is linked to aluminum in vaccines and demanded in court to be heard and they shut them down!

  6. Good effort to make us understand. But still there is no clear answer about the causes of Autism. I am totally disagree the genetic factors as has not seen down to this generation in the family linage. I also totally disagree that this problem might had been there in the past as it are now. What I am very clear is it is a growing trend. I have been a teacher for many years and not found any of ASD symptoms in the past. But what I observed now is the more advanced society the more is the problem.

  7. I know all autistic children are stimulated by different facts in there life but my child had a allergic reaction from the MMR, She suddenly developed a a fever and a seize and then could not walk like she should and could not respond to her name.

  8. Cervical adenitis is caused by bacteria in the lymph nodes. It causes difficulty swallowing, eating, speaking, constant congestion, ear pain. This is a common with children that have congenital syphilis. They are born with the bacteria.
    Too many antibodies from mom and baby cause the "hook effect" or prozone phenomenon causing false negatives so it is being missed while pregnant. This is why we are now seeing multiples with "autism" in families, it isn't being treated while pregnant. Proper testing is not with blood, as it disseminates from the blood quickly and spread to organs and bones. If it is spread by mucous it makes sense to test it that way with a PCR(dna). It has the ability to mutate our Genes so grandparents and parents possibly were infected, got unreliable testing due to timing and incubation issues, and it has trickled down into autism over the years. Pregnant women that had either group b strep, gestational diabetes, thyroid issues, proteinuria, miscarriages, premature labor….are more likely to have it.

    This is an increasing commonality compared to say 20 years ago before dating sites, more partners, exposure, infidelity, and 1 in 50 children with autism.

  9. wendy chung you are great and intelligent woman with a very clear english diction like a genuine Philippine lady i appreciate it, indeed you made a very good research about autism spectrum . i do hope that TED will help more kids worldwide having this handicap God bless your organization

  10. My theory of autism is basically, some people are ment to look after earth.. and some people are there to help the people grow and destroy earth and as a result new life is born. We are two completely different people. We are here to help earth and to help people understand life, when they reach the other side and need to come back. Two forces working together but at opposite ends to the spectrum both equal the same things. Its just your perception. We always explode together. People with autism spend their life trying to justify everyone elses behaviour this is because, its against your true purpose and direction. We think of earth before people. Others think of people before earth. At some point we become the typical person, until the force changes again. We are emotional just not in the way you understand. To us it looks like you dont care about anything and vice versa.

  11. After many years I still couldn't figure it out: we are living in an ever changing world and everyone is supposed to be very busy with their own live. So why are people interested in others' business and even wanna interfere others and many times in a bad way? I mean it shouldn't matter whether your autistic or not that's the logic.

  12. Big pharma are paying her salary? Oh that's why she said vaccines have nothing to do with it where countless studies have proved it. Watch "Vaxxed" and "Vaxxed 2". And people dying world wide after taking the c19 vaccine, don't believe this propaganda.

  13. I'm an introvert and I don't like people that look down on me. I feel like I can live on my own maybe I don't like talking to certain people who I don't like. It's not meant for everyone to like u or understand u. Very important to get around people that understand your problems.

  14. Some children with a fast visual response time have their brain waves distorted by the strobe from fluorescent light which causes autism. Think of this static on the optic nerve the same as shooting the brain with a shotgun, the pellets will strike different areas which is why each child on the spectrum is different. This is why all autistic people have a visual response time twice as fast as normal and the Amish don't have autism, no electricity no autism.

  15. why did they take his academic degree ? for exposing big farma ? i suppose you didn't do anything with the journal or the reviewers and editor -in-chief that approved his paper to be published. ofc he gets all the blame. it was a scientific research after all. speaking of being objective. everyone knows in the academic field that writing papers on vaccines is a big nono., unless you are going to lie about ow awesome thry are,.

  16. You are so far off base that it's frightening. First the older parent theory is true but has nothing to do with age. There is a correlation between autism and socioeconomic status, older parents have had time to accumulate more wealth hence the increase in autism. The correlation between autism and socioeconomic status is due to the correlation between autism and day care, the more wealth you have the more you can afford day care. The correlation between autism and day care is due to the increased exposure to the strobe fluorescent lighting. The increased exposure to the strobe fluorescent light causes distorted brain waves in young children with the genetic trait of fast motion detection, the faster the detection the greater the distortion, result is autism. This is why all autistic people have motion detection times twice as fast as normal and the Amish don't have autism. One genetic trait, one environmental trigger. Males have faster motion detection times than females, result 4/1 gender ratio. The UK uses 50 Hz electricity, the slower strobe affects more children which brings in more females on a % basis so the gender ratio is closer to 3/1 as confirmed by the University College of London.

  17. Viral or bacterial infections could cause autism. Viral or bacterial infections could cause encephalitis. Vaccines can induce encephalitis. Vaccines can also induce viral infections. Encephalitis is an auto-immune attack. Vaccines can cause an auto immune attack. A specific gene could also yield an immune disorder or abnormality. Encephalitis has nearly the same neurological impact as autism. Therefore, it can't be concluded that vaccines aren't related depending on genetic or environmental factors, or a combination of them both.

  18. This is not the way to reach people by saying "you are wrong and there's no debating it!" To help people develop confidence in vaccination by understanding the potential causes of encephalitis, watching for outbreaks of co-infections, screening for them, vaccinating at the appropriate time, providing education, and early encephalitis detection and treatment protocol, helping to reduce the long term effects of encephalitis aka autism. Or would you rather not help prevent disease, destroy confidence in regulators and increase the rate of disease and autism or post acute encephalitis?

    There is plenty of evidence to suggest that vaccination and co-infection, along with other factors, can cause encephalitis. There is also strong evidence to suggest that encephalitis could either cause autism, or at least, the identical set of neurological results and behavioral abnormalities. To simply say that these mothers are all just liars trying to commit science fraud is really hard to believe; what is their motive to make up a story about their children? If they observed something like encephalitis that later became diagnosed as autism there is a real possibility that either the diagnosis was confused, or the theory of what causes autism is confused. Maybe genetic abnormalities are just part of the picture. Since bacteria, and viruses combined have the ability to alter genetics it would not be impossible that in-vitro infections also cause abnormalities in the way that messenger RNA express proteins or anti-bodies effect receptors. Likewise, there could be a relationship between bacterial co-infection, or vaccine adjuvants in the presence of a co-infection, and damage to the blood brain boundary (BBB) and the infection, or auto-immune attack, of brain tissue through the central nervous system.

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